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- 21.06.13 Mrs. F.: „I very much enjoy my stay here. I was pleased about your flexibility regarding my diet
requirements. Thank you for fulfilling my special requests."


- 19.05.13 Fam. Z.: "Great breakfast buffet, friendly personnel!"


- 21.04.13 Mr. S.: "I very much liked the arrangement and outlook of the breakfast buffet."


- 28.03.13 Mr. V.: "Calm location!"


- 21.03.13 Mrs. O.: "All was to my satisfaction, thank you! The massage cocch/chair was great. Please continue in this way!"


- 14.03.13 Mr. A.: "The breakfast room ‐ a perfect start in to the work day!"


- 06.07.12 Mrs. P.: "Price‐performance‐ratio ‐ top"


- 15.03.12 Fam. S.: "Especially our compliment for the friendliness of your reception desk , great assistants. Compliment regarding the towels, they are very soft."


- 26.01.12 Mr. D.: "Outstanding offering, have not seen a bar with a greater variaty! You stay with friends!"

Arcus Hotel, Vaterstettenerstr. 1, D-85622 Weißenfeld, Tel. +49 (0)89 - 90 900 700, E-Mail: