Our location ‐ in 10 minutes to the Messe Munich

From our hotel you can easily get to the exhibition centre as well as to the Autobahn A99. Nevertheless, our hotel provides a calm environment.

To create a direction map from your location to the hotel, please just click at the "A" in the map to the right, and select "Route berechnen". Now, just enter your current location and you will get the description with the direct way to us.

Please note: Some navigation systems lead their users to Feldkirchen. This is unfortunately not correct. Please follow the signs in the direction "Weißenfeld"

To download the location plan please click below:

From the direction Stuttgart (A8)
From the direction Nürnberg (A9)
From the direction Salzburg (A8)
From the direction Garmisch (A95)
From the exhibition centre
From M,O,C,
From the airport / to the airport
Arcus Hotel, Vaterstettenerstr. 1, D-85622 Weißenfeld, Tel. +49 (0)89 - 90 900 700, E-Mail: info@arcushotel.de